5 Steps to Balance reDefined
Start living your purpose TODAY!
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Let's reDefine Balance and jumpstart your life!
In this Master Class you'll discover . . .
  • The key to knowing your divine identity and how it creates a soul shift.
  • The value of a personal purpose and the specific WHAT you can accomplish.
  • How to create a mini Life Plan statement for your life in only three sentences.
  • The power of joy and three powerful ways to easily experience it in everyday life.
  • The underused game-changer for sustaining a reDefined Balanced life.
  • The number ONE key to daily balance success for life-changing results.
Connie Sokol - As I meet people throughout our nation, in professional or community venues, with business owners, managers, employees, or families, I find a constant common thread: we all face life challenges. To effectively deal with these difficulties, I share key principles that work. That improve your quality of life. That bring you the joy factor in the daily grind. 

“I followed Connie’s life-plan creation steps and I tell ya: having a life plan, WRITTEN DOWN, has been transformative. It helps guide my decisions in so many areas, because I have clarity about where I’m trying to go with my life. It’s easy and super rewarding– do it!”
- Ingrid S. -
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